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Why are the current statistics regarding relationships so daunting?
Why have so many people in our progressive society given up on serenity and contentment in their relationships?
What are the fundamentals that we are so sorely missing that are holding us back from truly enjoying our relationships?
And most of all…What is a relationship? What is this ever so cumbersome unfathomable concept called marriage?
Join Rabbi Neiman on a magical journey discovering an entirely new dynamic to the most important part of our adult lives…
Let yourself unlatch your subconscious from all the misconceptions society have fed us….
Broaden your horizons with this incredible series and let yourself soar with the all-new Kedushas Habayis series.
and for the cherry on the top, let yourself be swept up in the mind-boggling method Rabbi Neiman uses to create a pyramid of systematic theology, vivid dimensional analysis and deductions as clear as the sun, all drawn from the wellsprings of our Torah…
Let’s stop here… Just press the play button and begin.

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