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Rabbi Shmuel Neiman Shlita

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Accordance to Torah

All the shiurim are with utmost accordance to the torah hashkafa.

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Rabbi Neiman is a noted dayan and posek in Monsey. All the courses are based on core values, and are in accordance to the finest standards in Halacha.

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Rabbi Neiman is known for his expertise in OCD & Anxiety. Rabbi Neiman has helped individuals and has been helping the klal on an emotional level.

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— About the Rav

Helping the Klal for over 30 Years

"I help individuals to become their best version."

Rabbi Neiman is known for providing his clients restored confidence in their relationships and emotional health, both by helping couples improve their Shulem Bayis and by coaching individuals suffering from anxiety, OCD and more.

Rabbi Shmuel Neiman

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The Priceless Results

Hear from the Klal

Rabbi Neiman really gave me the inner strength I never new I had. I have much Hakoras Hatov for the courses and everything I gained from them.

Thank you for such deep and meaningfull series. The courses enhanced my shalom bayis for both me and my wife - we really enjoyed the humor and sensitivity, Rabbi Neiman was available for any questions we had.

My son was struggling with OCD and was in Shidduchim. After meeting with Rabbi Neiman and listening to his courses for half a year, my son felt ready to get engaged.

I was having a hard time in life and had alot of anxiety. My friend recommended the courses from Rabbi Neiman and I am living a much healthier calmer life. Thank you!

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Becoming better,

It all starts with a single first step.

In Rabbi Neimans’ courses, you will learn the gift of Menucha and how to find inner peace with yourself and others. Whether in Shulem Bayis, Shalves Hanefesh, Kedushas Habayis or emotional health, Rabbi Nieman’s courses cover a variety of topics which can help you grow, and become a better you. 

Want to be a better you?

Rabbi Neiman is in the field for over 30 years. He has experience dealing with Shulem Bayis, OCD anxiety with Halacha background as well. Find out how the Rav can help you.

All courses are available for 6 Months.

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Self Development Courses

Our courses help you understand different personality, confidence & inner peace and how to get along with other individuals, including your spouse and people you interact with on a daily basis.
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